Who We Are


A second-generation, female owned company, Prairiebrooke Consulting is headed by Megan Hoban and Brooke Morehead. With more than 50 years of combined art consulting experience, Megan and Brooke have curated collections for countless offices, residences, and spaces throughout the greater Kansas City area. What started off as a small business in the basement of the Morehead’s home has developed into a lifelong passion and pursuit of excellence. Prairiebrooke Consulting brings the prestige of a top art gallery to business owners from all sectors of the marketplace. We’re dedicated to providing art and framing that elevates your business presence, employee morale, and consumer experience.

We love working with Prairiebrooke! The entire process is seamless from the initial site visit to artwork recommendations and selection to installation.
— Abby, Olathe Medical Center

Meet the Team


Megan hoban, president

With an eye for design and big-picture approach, Megan offers corporate clients a comprehensive art plan to suit their unique needs. Experience from more than a decade of work and hundreds of successful proposals have streamlined Megan’s strategy into an efficient yet fun process. Brand identity, aesthetic appeal, and artful innovation all play a part in her curation for your office space, healthcare facility, or multi-family project. Megan’s passion for corporate art shines through in every collection she produces. She’s a trusted name among some of Kansas City’s top designers and a true visionary when it comes it corporate interiors.


Brooke morehead, founder

Brooke launched Prairiebrooke in 1990 and has been providing superior art design services to the greater Kansas City area ever since. Because of her leadership, the Prairiebrooke team has won several acclaimed awards including Kansas Woman-Owned Business of the Year and KC Magazine Most Influential Woman. Brooke instilled her love of fine art in her eldest daughter, Megan, who now co-owns the company alongside her. Her impeccable attention to detail and unmatched problem solving skills make her an incredible ally in the world of corporate design. She’s dedicated half of her life to making Kansas City a more beautiful place to live and work.


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