5 Quick Tips to Improve Your Art Buying Experience

Whether you’re an experienced art connoisseur or purchasing art for the very first time, there’s always something to be learned about the art buying process. Unlike other purchases you’ll make throughout your lifetime—cars, homes, appliances, etc.—art’s sole purpose is to be seen and loved. Because its value is derived almost exclusively from its aesthetic appearance and sentimental importance, art must be approached with a different type of pragmatism than your other everyday purchases. The good news is, you only need one qualifier in order to purchase art: you have to want to! Check out these quick tips for improving your art buying experience.


Make it Merry

Buy art that brings you joy. Whether from the color, style, texture, subject, or the memory that surrounds its purchase, art should make you happy. It may sound simple, but it holds true. Art should bring contentment to your life and to your home.  


Plan Ahead

When beginning a design project, include art in the plan and budget. Art shouldn’t be an afterthought! If you start with art, you’ll provide a catalyst for color and style and truly make your space special.


Finish with a Frame

Don’t forget the frame! Beautiful framing is the jewelry on a piece of art. Well-designed custom framing makes your art complete. Want to keep it simple? The addition of a float frame to a canvas is the perfect touch for a clean and sophisticated look. Always ask for conservation materials to ensure your art is protected to stand the test of time. Your locally-owned frame shop is a great resource.


Enjoy the Moment

Get out an enjoy the experience of buying art! Visit local galleries in your neighborhood and make a point to visit galleries during your travels. Think of art as a gift for birthdays, anniversaries, or weddings.  Write a note on the back with the date so that that the memory surrounding its purchase will live on for years to come.


Act Fast!

If you see a piece you love, buy it! It may not be there when you go back. In a world full of mass-produced home décor and big box stores, it is your local gallery that provides the unique experience of buying something truly one of a kind for the home.

For the best selection of fine art and custom framing in the Kansas City area, check out Prairiebrooke Gallery in Downtown Overland Park. Whether you’re looking for that special piece for your home or trying to up your office’s interior design game, we’ve got you covered. Give us a call or schedule an appointment to get started!

Featured Artist: Cat Tesla

Cat Tesla’s path to becoming an artist is quite different than most others. In the beginning of her career, it was a toss-up between art and science. Tesla began with the latter and obtained a master's degree in human genetics. For 20 years she worked at Emory University seeing patients in genetic clinics. While this wasn’t the final stop on her career path, her time in the medical field helped direct her back to her innate passions—nature and creating.


She says of her career at Emory, “Averaging 500 patients a year, I had a range of experiences.” Her years in genetics, a job which often required parlaying devastating, life-changing news, led her to seek solace in yoga, hiking, and mindful meditation. She eventually decided to pursue her first love, obtaining a degree in graphic design and eventually leaving genetics to further develop her identity in front of the easel.

Style and Subject Matter


The "Chrysalis Series" is an abstraction of nature employing acrylic, inks, graphite, wax crayon, oil pastel, and oil glazes. Tesla begins with an gesture drawing in graphite and wax crayon, then applies translucent layers, more markings, and more paint. She says of her methodology, “In our minds, we know what a hike looks like, or a garden, a meadow, or a waterfall. But what do they feel like? That’s what I try to convey in my painting.” When you see these commanding pieces in person, it’s hard to ignore their invitation into a new understanding of the organic elements surrounding us.

Similar Artists

Tesla’s dreamy ethereal landscapes are a vibrant addition to any space or room. If you like her elemental, surreal texture, you’d also love the dreamy work of California artist, Liz Jardine. For pieces that share Tesla’s feminine glam, consider a mixed media work from Maeve Harris. If you love the natural abstraction of Tesla’s pieces, you’ll admire Noah Desmond’s stunning water gardens. Each artist creates a unique experience that resonates differently with each viewer.

At Prairiebrooke, we’re proud to represent some of the finest artists from throughout the region, nation, and world. Stop by our Downtown Overland Park Gallery to view our wide selection of contemporary art. Schedule your one-on-one consultation to get started!

Corporate Spotlight: The Vue

If you’re a Kansas City local, then you’re well aware of the development boom happening in the greater Overland Park area. Our corporate art team had the pleasure of working on The Vue, a luxury apartment complex right in the heart of DTOP. It was a blast to create a collection that represented the vibrant local life. Check out the inside scoop on our project at The Vue.

Adding a Pop of Color

Like many multifamily settings, The Vue has a primarily neutral color scheme. For this reason, it was a key objective to select pieces that brought in colors that were both a fun splash and an inviting complement to the existing surroundings. We created a playful, energetic environment with whimsical abstracts and inspiring landscapes. The art helped to develop visual interest in the space without drawing away from The Vue’s high-end, sophisticated interior.

Spotlighting Local Artists

One priority with the team at The Vue was the use of local artwork. To accomplish this goal, we partnered with several local artists to print limited edition pieces for The Vue. Check out the gorgeous Kansas landscape by Julie Hansen (center) and the funky Eric Bowers photograph of the iconic Nelson-Atkins shuttlecock (right). Not pictured: a HUGE triptych on metal sublimation by Laurie Kilgore. We love showcasing local artists in our projects!

Curating a Large Collection


In total, we installed more than 30 pieces throughout The View. To an outsider, that may seem like an impossibly large task, but to our corporate art team, it’s just another day on the job! Finding art for your commercial setting can feel overwhelming. There’s the budget, selecting pieces you actually like, and then figuring out how to actually get them up on your walls. At any point, your project can go seriously wrong! As a comprehensive art house, we handle everything from selection to installation, all within your time and monetary parameters. The View is just one example of our practice in action!

If you want to learn more about working with the Prairiebrooke team, schedule a consultation with one of our designers. We’ve got a whole line of art solutions under our belt, and we’re ready to take on your commercial challenge!