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Featured Artist: Cat Tesla

Cat Tesla’s path to becoming an artist is quite different than most others. In the beginning of her career, it was a toss-up between art and science. Tesla began with the latter and obtained a master's degree in human genetics. For 20 years she worked at Emory University seeing patients in genetic clinics. While this wasn’t the final stop on her career path, her time in the medical field helped direct her back to her innate passions—nature and creating.


She says of her career at Emory, “Averaging 500 patients a year, I had a range of experiences.” Her years in genetics, a job which often required parlaying devastating, life-changing news, led her to seek solace in yoga, hiking, and mindful meditation. She eventually decided to pursue her first love, obtaining a degree in graphic design and eventually leaving genetics to further develop her identity in front of the easel.

Style and Subject Matter


The "Chrysalis Series" is an abstraction of nature employing acrylic, inks, graphite, wax crayon, oil pastel, and oil glazes. Tesla begins with an gesture drawing in graphite and wax crayon, then applies translucent layers, more markings, and more paint. She says of her methodology, “In our minds, we know what a hike looks like, or a garden, a meadow, or a waterfall. But what do they feel like? That’s what I try to convey in my painting.” When you see these commanding pieces in person, it’s hard to ignore their invitation into a new understanding of the organic elements surrounding us.

Similar Artists

Tesla’s dreamy ethereal landscapes are a vibrant addition to any space or room. If you like her elemental, surreal texture, you’d also love the dreamy work of California artist, Liz Jardine. For pieces that share Tesla’s feminine glam, consider a mixed media work from Maeve Harris. If you love the natural abstraction of Tesla’s pieces, you’ll admire Noah Desmond’s stunning water gardens. Each artist creates a unique experience that resonates differently with each viewer.

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Featured Artist: Aaron Reichert

Born in the tiny town of Owosso, Michigan, the last day of 1978, Aaron was soon adopted by the Reicherts and raised in Hartland, Michigan. A talented artist from a young age, Reichert made portraits of his personal heroes from history, stage, film, and television.  After graduating high school, he went to Chicago, where he received a BFA from Loyola University with emphasis on theater and sculpture. His journey is filled with art in all forms, and hi s pieces are the perfect representation of his life—layered with details and comprised of intricacies that come together to form a beautiful whole.


Style & Subject Matter

Reichert uses a pallet knife to hew his iconic faces out of passages of black and white. Working without a detailed plan, he paints intuitively, shaping an environment of energy seemingly below the skin of the subject. From a distance, we see a dramatic figure; up close up, we confront a spontaneous orchestration of particles bursting from the canvas. Reichert says of his artistic objective, "I have always been disinclined to explain the work I do, even to myself. Explain too much and the thing dies. I derive the greatest wonder not from definitions, but from maneuvering within mysteries.” As Richard Ford writes, ‘The world is not only stranger than we know but a lot stranger than we CAN know.’ Perhaps when I finish my last painting I will be able to look back and state exactly what I was trying to achieve the whole time, but I hope not."

Similar Artists

While it’s unlikely to find a piece that can hold its own against the elusive precision and striking drama of a Reichert, elements of his work can be found in the work of other artists. Eric Bowers uses the classic black and white color palette to capture simultaneously modern and timeless scenes from throughout the Kansas City area. Julie Hansen shares Reichert’s intuition and creative use of monochromatic strokes in her big, bold colorscapes. If you’re drawn to the movement of Reichert’s pieces, consider an abstract from Wilfred Lang. Whatever your preferences may be, we’re sure to have a piece at the gallery to suit your style.

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Featured Artist: Dakota Finn

Born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Finn’s work began as a little boy, painting alongside his grandmother. His father recounts his amazement at Finn’s artistic ability, even as a small child. Art came naturally to Dakota, and it is a gift that has compelled him to create in the very best way he can. Finn’s work is classic in technique but executed with a fresh and contemporary flair. “Being an artist is doing what comes naturally. My subjects choose me, their patterns and shapes, their sense of rhythm and movement, inspire my creative energy,” he says of his process. Finn graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in Landscape Architecture and now resides in Denver with his Yorkiepoo, Penny.

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Style & Subject Matter

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Similar Artists

Finn’s pieces are complemented by and offer similar elements to other Prairiebrooke artists. If you are attracted to the bright colors and playful movement of his work, consider one of Tara Kesner’s abstracts. Maya Eventov creates gorgeous florals in a slightly more textured style than Finn’s. If you enjoy his quirky subject matter, Sarah Atkinson creates stunning flora and fauna in her encaustic work. Regardless of your taste, we have an artist, piece, and frame to suit your style and personality.

18-25184 Kesner Make Me Sway 30x48 acrylic on canvas.jpg
PP-15217 Eventov Floral Vase 20x30 acrylic on canvas.jpg
17-24436 S. Atkinson Gold Day 41x29 encaustic on paper.jpg

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