Featured Artist: Tara Kesner

A graduate of the University of Notre Dame, Tara Kesner began her career at a "Big 4" accounting firm. Years later, she's found new passion in creating abstracts inspired by her four young daughters. She says of her muses, "My daughters are passionate, wild, kind, free and inherently feminine. I can't help but capture their spirit when painting. Through painting, I would like to introduce you to their youthful energy, individuality, personality, beauty and - at times - anger. I hope to cover your walls in color and fire, as they cover me every day." 

Kesner Header.jpg

Style and Subject Matter

While Kesner’s methodology has evolved over time, one thing remains constant: her use of bright, bold colors. Each piece is saturated with movement and vibrancy—much like her daughters. In fact, there’s usually an endearing story behind each unique creation. Albeit the remembrance of a nursery wall color or the recollection of a young one getting a hold of lipstick, Kesner’s work offers equal parts style and sentiment. Her nonobjective pieces use line, texture, and pattern to convey emotion and mood.

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Similar Artists

Current collectors of David Ma or Scott Hunter may feel a similar connection to Tara’s bold abstracts. Liz Jardine’s bright florals make an excellent complement to Kesner’s pieces as well. Whatever your taste or preference, you’re sure to find something you love in our Downtown Overland Park Gallery.

SOLD 18-24755 David Ma Abstract Acrylic 48x36 acrylic on canvas.jpg
SOLD 15-23942 Hunter Untitled 68 36x38 oil on canvas.JPG
RET 17-24425 Jardine Practical Magic 36x36.JPG

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