Featured Artist: Aaron Reichert

Born in the tiny town of Owosso, Michigan, the last day of 1978, Aaron was soon adopted by the Reicherts and raised in Hartland, Michigan. A talented artist from a young age, Reichert made portraits of his personal heroes from history, stage, film, and television.  After graduating high school, he went to Chicago, where he received a BFA from Loyola University with emphasis on theater and sculpture. His journey is filled with art in all forms, and hi s pieces are the perfect representation of his life—layered with details and comprised of intricacies that come together to form a beautiful whole.


Style & Subject Matter

Reichert uses a pallet knife to hew his iconic faces out of passages of black and white. Working without a detailed plan, he paints intuitively, shaping an environment of energy seemingly below the skin of the subject. From a distance, we see a dramatic figure; up close up, we confront a spontaneous orchestration of particles bursting from the canvas. Reichert says of his artistic objective, "I have always been disinclined to explain the work I do, even to myself. Explain too much and the thing dies. I derive the greatest wonder not from definitions, but from maneuvering within mysteries.” As Richard Ford writes, ‘The world is not only stranger than we know but a lot stranger than we CAN know.’ Perhaps when I finish my last painting I will be able to look back and state exactly what I was trying to achieve the whole time, but I hope not."

Similar Artists

While it’s unlikely to find a piece that can hold its own against the elusive precision and striking drama of a Reichert, elements of his work can be found in the work of other artists. Eric Bowers uses the classic black and white color palette to capture simultaneously modern and timeless scenes from throughout the Kansas City area. Julie Hansen shares Reichert’s intuition and creative use of monochromatic strokes in her big, bold colorscapes. If you’re drawn to the movement of Reichert’s pieces, consider an abstract from Wilfred Lang. Whatever your preferences may be, we’re sure to have a piece at the gallery to suit your style.

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