Corporate Spotlight: The Vue

If you’re a Kansas City local, then you’re well aware of the development boom happening in the greater Overland Park area. Our corporate art team had the pleasure of working on The Vue, a luxury apartment complex right in the heart of DTOP. It was a blast to create a collection that represented the vibrant local life. Check out the inside scoop on our project at The Vue.

Adding a Pop of Color

Like many multifamily settings, The Vue has a primarily neutral color scheme. For this reason, it was a key objective to select pieces that brought in colors that were both a fun splash and an inviting complement to the existing surroundings. We created a playful, energetic environment with whimsical abstracts and inspiring landscapes. The art helped to develop visual interest in the space without drawing away from The Vue’s high-end, sophisticated interior.

Spotlighting Local Artists

One priority with the team at The Vue was the use of local artwork. To accomplish this goal, we partnered with several local artists to print limited edition pieces for The Vue. Check out the gorgeous Kansas landscape by Julie Hansen (center) and the funky Eric Bowers photograph of the iconic Nelson-Atkins shuttlecock (right). Not pictured: a HUGE triptych on metal sublimation by Laurie Kilgore. We love showcasing local artists in our projects!

Curating a Large Collection


In total, we installed more than 30 pieces throughout The View. To an outsider, that may seem like an impossibly large task, but to our corporate art team, it’s just another day on the job! Finding art for your commercial setting can feel overwhelming. There’s the budget, selecting pieces you actually like, and then figuring out how to actually get them up on your walls. At any point, your project can go seriously wrong! As a comprehensive art house, we handle everything from selection to installation, all within your time and monetary parameters. The View is just one example of our practice in action!

If you want to learn more about working with the Prairiebrooke team, schedule a consultation with one of our designers. We’ve got a whole line of art solutions under our belt, and we’re ready to take on your commercial challenge!